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Email & Call City Council

Express support for Ottawa to become a Sanctuary City


 Use our customized form to send a message to your Councillor and Mayor Jim Watson and tell them that you support Ottawa becoming a sanctuary city. We use your postal code to automatically determine who your Councillor is. 


Or, you can email or call your city representatives yourself:

Mayor: You can call the Mayor Watson at 613-580-2496 or email him at

Your Councillor: You can get your councillor’s name and contact information here:


You can adapt this sample email text and adapt this sample call script


*IMPORTANT Note: Please CC the rest of City Council, and CC or BCC the network email -

This is to ensure that all Councillors are aware of the broad support and so we can have an idea of the support!


Please help us get people to sign the petition online


If you are part of an organization, faith group, community association or any other group that is willing to support this campaign, please contact us by email

Collecting stories

If you have a story to share about barriers that you or someone you know has experienced accessing services in the city of Ottawa, please contact us by email.


If you have any other ideas to support this campaign, we always welcome creative ideas and initiative! Please contact us by email to discuss.


If you have time to volunteer for translation to French, at events, etc., please fill out our volunteer form!