The Ottawa Sanctuary City Network organizes for a city where everyone, irrespective of immigration status, can access services without fear of detention or deportation.

Sanctuary Matters Event Series – 2019/2020

Everyone has the right to live in dignity and safety – in a place of sanctuary The Ottawa Sanctuary Network and the Ottawa Art Gallery are excited to present this series of events through fall 2019 and winter 2020 about what it means to build welcoming communities and sanctuary cities. The Sanctuary Matters events series […]

Sanctuary City Ottawa

From the Ground Up: Building a Sanctuary City Together

May 26 2018: Join us for a day of discussion, learning, and strategizing about critical casework, border crossings, unconditional access, policing, and immigration.

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40 academics pen letter in support of a robust Sanctuary City Policy for Ottawa

May 4 2017

On Tuesday, 40 professors, a few of which presented to City Council on March 30th, released a letter in support of a robust Sanctuary City Policy and denounced the ease with which the mayor and many Councillors dismissed 7 hours deputations from a wide variety of community stakeholders.

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